We routinely develop strategic plans that coordinate the appropriate communications tools to achieve the desired end. Our plans are individual to each company’s goals and based on extensive b2b branding services experience in addressing factors critical to success. Typically, a plan covers a fiscal year, spelling out strategy, competitive environment, branding proposition, budgets and timing. We also look long-term and prioritize actions for up to a three-year period. We integrate all aspects of marketing communications to present the right brand image to potential customers.

Branding & Identity

King Group has an extensive track record in both branding new corporations and re-branding major corporations that need to combine diverse heritage companies into a single functional brand. King Group b2b branding services expertise is centered on determining true position and developing a brand identity that positions category leadership. We routinely develop logos, standards guides and both internal and external communications that reinforces stability and progressiveness.

Web & App Development

King Group supports its clients with comprehensive web, app and social media strategies; development and/or management of development services as well as dedicated hosting. We understand the nature of rapidly evolving technologies, and know when and how to make maximum use of its constantly changing attributes in achieving focused, long-term goals. We specialize in optimizing our clients’ electronic presence to ensure their customers not only have consistent branded experiences, but can also access integral information from wherever they choose to do so.

Digital & Print Advertising

We operate under the philosophy that the capital sin in advertising is not being seen. We have a reputation for thinking out of the box — resulting in digital and print advertising that breaks traditional boundaries without breaking the trust of the reader. A key element of  b2b branding services, our ads are seen in leading electronic and print trade media throughout the world. Our advertising has won numerous awards over the years, and although our design approach differs from client to client — our philosophy is consistently optimized for the technology markets.

Public Relations

It is a well-established fact in marketing communications that the most cost effective tool in creating brand and product and/or service awareness is through trade and public relations. Consequently, as part of our b2b branding services we have devoted significant resources and time in developing uniquely effective PR, ranging from simple press releases through background fact sheets, B-roll, press conferences, event planning, and the ever expanding digital media marketplace. Founder Michael King has written literally hundreds of speeches for CEOs and is an acknowledged leader in media training.

Collateral Material

King Group designs, coordinates, and produces a broad range of corporate, product and other digital and printed brochures, folders, fliers, catalogs, calendars, posters, manuals, and other static and dynamic collateral materials to support b2b branding services. We can advise you on the projected effectiveness impact in regards to either strategic or tactical objective. We’re equipped to handle any collateral need, from single-page product sheets to book-length, multi-color catalogs.

Trade Show Support

Achieving maximum ROI from tradeshows requires both “white noise” evaluation and careful planning. The agency can plan trade show involvement, create timelines and budgets, manage and direct the design of your booth/exhibit and tactics, train your staff, and even provide staffing to the extent necessary. Our graphic support services can provide the visual elements that draw show attendees into your booth. We’ll also coordinate pre-show promotion, special events, literature, handouts, or response devices to ensure that key people come into your booth and identify and qualify themselves so your sales force can follow up.

Video Production

King Group has extensive in-house video and post-production capability for a wide range of applications. We maintain extensive video and editing expertise and equipment, and also maintain advanced video camera (traditional, drone, and extreme condition equipment), state-of-the art sound software and hardware, and the experience to utilize modularized video components across any platform that serves the web, sales presentations, social media, tradeshows and other.

Intelligent SEO

In consumer advertising and marketing communications, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rightfully places a central role in web strategy. The relative importance of SEO is more murky in b2b companies. King Group is associated with a number of SEO consultants and can quickly evaluate your site, and then direct SEO services dependent upon each client’s need. Sound counter intuitive? Consider: which airline considering widebody aircraft would Google commercial aircraft manufacturers when evaluating the relative merits between Boeing and Airbus?