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King Group has been a leading b2b advertising agency specializing in integrated b2b branding for aerospace and high technology companies since 1987. We understand the dynamics of b2b marketing and relationship building. King Group has helped leading manufacturing and service companies around the world build brand equity quickly, efficiently and at a fraction of the cost of larger, less specialized branding agencies.

The Difference

As a b2b advertising agency, we understand the unique marketing communication challenges of b2b marketing and have developed an exceptional skill set to support aviation, aerospace and high technology companies with every aspect of targeted marketing communications — from the development of an effective branding proposition — to integrating corporate ID, website image, advertising, global trade and

public relations, video production, trade show support, event planning, collateral materials and other aspect of communications. Although we are a small b2b advertising agency, our client roster over the years has included globally recognized corporations. But no matter what the size, King Group offers our clients effective and efficient b2b marketing strategic advantages as well as uniquely creative solutions.

What is b2b marketing?

Although there are similarities, a b2b advertising agency approaches branding differently in many ways than agencies specializing in consumer product promotion. The focus of most b2b marketing is to find and develop multi-year contracts, often yielding tens or hundreds of millions of dollars (US) for the company.  Building long-term relationships is critical and an experienced b2b advertising agency approaches the design of Corporate ID elements, the b2b branding philosophy, as well as the advertising and marketing support initiatives primarily to acquire and maintain long-term relationships. Short-term sales initiatives still need to be effectively supported, but a fundamentally different viewpoint and expertise in building brand equity over time has proven to be advantageous. Every aspect of

marketing communications plays a vital part in reflecting a company’s values and branding proposition as well as in helping foster business trust within a given technological environment — based on quantifiable attributes including category leadership, product / service quality, on-time delivery and long-term business viability and integrity. Everything, from initial logo development to the development and execution of an integrated, long term integrated marketing communications program is designed — not just for short term goals — but to enhance the company’s position and build brand equity based on actual advantages. The psychology of communications design and techniques often differs from consumer design, but each distinct discipline plays a critical role in their respective marketplaces.